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Chattanooga Design Studio

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Meet Yanlin

Yanlin Wu, a postgraduate student in the City and Regional Planning program at Georgia Tech, first visited Chattanooga last year with one of his academic studios. A true urbanist, Yanlin likes to travel to different cities and measure them by his feet and his eyes. Having been in Chattanooga for a month now, he finds it to be an attractive and exciting city:

  • The diversity of Chattanoogans immersed in downtown’s cozy streets.
  • People enjoying the urbanity of Miller Plaza while eating their lunch.
  • Watching people discover the Passageways installations.
  • Observing Chattanooga’s unique night light with people walking their dogs on the Walnut Street Bridge in the evening.  

  This summer, Yanlin will focus his urban design background on a downtown streetscape and typological design study. His primary goal for his work to make downtown urban life more vibrant and inclusive.   You can learn more about Yanlin by visiting his personal portfolio HERE