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Friday Film Series: 'The Struggles of our Cities'

Friday Film Series: 'The Struggles of our Cities'

In June our Friday Film will revisit the ‘One Day in the American City’ series as we delve into the larger issues that affect our cities. The three questions addressed in this episode are:

  • What are our biggest challenges?
  • Who is our city not serving?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen to our city today?

**About the Program Dive deep into the real stories that shape urban American. Filmed entirely in one 24-hour period, thousands of filmmakers capture joys and struggles, begging the question: What is the future of the American city? An investigation, prompted by 10 questions, brings together voices of experts and everyday people. From city mayors to homeless citizens, learn from a unique community investigation.

Framing the city as a center for innovation and humanity, the series begins by examining why we live in metropolises in the first place. What is it that drives us to build and live in complex societies? The city, described as an organism, lives and breaths with culture and opportunity.

Many challenges that face metro areas are also easily seen, while still, some are in the shadows. The show offers unique local access to citizens that are on the edge. Some of the individual stories and experiences shared link deeper into bigger issues and insecurities that face us all. Gentrification, homelessness, violent crime, climate change … can a total collapse of the system actually happen?

A link to preview the film can be found below: http://www.pbs.org/video/2365750574/

We look forward to seeing you there!